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Aguair is a leading manufacturer of water treatment equipment. We provide customized, high-quality, cost effective solutions for any commercial or industrial application. Our experience in designing and manufacturing enables us to turn ground water into usable water. Whether it’s scaling, corrosion, microbiological activity, or recycling wastewater, our modular design enables us to customize a system specifically for your needs. We specialize in developing and utilizing the latest technology in the water filtration industry to provide efficient and economical solutions for all your water treatment needs.

light commercial water filtration

  • Innovative - engineered to provide efficient output, while minimizing wastage

  • Reliable - high quality components for continuous operation

  • Durable - steel and aluminum frame or housing body

  • Customizable - each system can be customized to fit various applications

  • Economical - competitively priced and consumes less power when compared to the competition

  • Easy - effortless operation; simple plug and play installation

  • Applications

    • Ground Water
    • Surface Water
    • Low maintenance
    • Brackish/Sea Water Desalination
    • Rainwater Harvesting/Treatment
    • Gray Water Treatment/Reuse
    • Storm Water Treatment/Reuse
    • Waste Water Treatment/Reuse
    • Biological Treatment
    • Disinfection
    • Microfiltration
    • Ultrafiltration

    reverse osmosis process

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