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The EZponics aeroponic growing system


Aeroponics technology, developed by NASA, is an efficient method for growing plants without the use of soil. Plant roots are suspended in air and are sprayed from below with a fine, nutrient-rich mist. The combination of air, nutrients, and water promotes faster and larger plant growth.

  • Effective - Produces a fine 50-80 micron droplet size mist. Moistens the fine root hairs rather than drenching roots with heavy water spray. Result in less water wastage.

  • Energy Efficient - Low energy consumption.

  • Economical - Significantly reduces nutrient and water consumption.

  • Simple - Easy design for simple installation and maintenance.

  • Reliable - Built with high quality components and senors to drastically reduce the rate of failure.

  • Plug-and-Spray - Complete system with built in pump and accumulator tank. Only requires power and water.

  • Green Growing Solution - Closed loop system to reduce risk of contamination and pest infestation without the use of chemicals and pesticides.

  • Versatile - Retro-fits to any size grow house and any growing application.

  • Roots develop more densely, resulting in higher yield per square foot.
    EZponics Systems out-pace and out-grow soil growing and other hydroponic systems.

  • Higher yield

  • Lower energy, nutrient, and water consumption

  • High oxygen exposure

  • Direct delivery of nutrients and water to the roots

  • Minimal growing space needed

  • Closed-loop system reduces the risk of disease and pest infestation

  • Automated and customizable

  • Scalable system for personal to commercial sized gardens

  • High yield with low labor costs = higher profits

  • Effective in all stages of growth
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    EZponics System

    Spray Nozzles

    EZponics™ Nozzle Assembly

  • Customizable to any type of grid formation

  • Eco friendly design -- no PVC

  • Nozzles produce an ulta-fine and high quality mist or fog

  • Easy plug and play design with all 3/8 inch push-in connections
  • Control Unit

    EZponics™ Control Unit

  • Built in booster pump

  • Accumulator tank

  • Customizable water and/or nutrient spray delivery time

  • Easy plug and play design with 3/8 inch push-in connections

  • Wall mount or free standing

  • 110V or 220V option

  • Nutrient injection syste optional
  • Tubing

    EZponics™ Tubing

  • Option of rigid or flexible tubing

  • Can be cut to any length

  • 3/8 inch OD Linear Low Density tubing

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