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Our Solutions - Optomize Your Productivity!

Aguair's engineers will work with you to develop solutions that will optimize your productivity.
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Cannabis Growers

Many factors contribute to a high-yield, quality crop. Aguair's humidity control and air filtrations solutions will help maintain optimal humidity, sanitization, and odor-free conditions.

Cannabis Processors

tobacco processors
Tobacco Growers

With Aguair's sanitization and air filtration solutions, your tobacco crop will maintain the highest quality.

Poultry Growers

Poultry health begins in the hatcheries. In order to control microbial contamination and to increase fertility and hatchability, it is necessary to maintain strict hygiene to eggs and hatcheries. Aguair's engineers will ensure that the highest sanitization standards are met in your facility.

Poultry Growers

produce growers
Produce Growers

Our engineers have developed a wide range of solutions to help you achieve your highest produce productivity. These include air sanitization, aeroponic growing systems, and surface sanitization equipment.